For the Love of Dogs

Father-daughter team open grooming business.

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Quality Grooming for the Love of Dogs

Reileigh and Don Biggs are different than most dog groomers. They are, perhaps, one of the few father-daughter dog grooming teams in Canada and it all came about by chance.  Reileigh had just graduated from a post-secondary course at Fanshawe College and was working in London as an Early Childhood Educator at a French-language facility. “I loved working every minute with children,” she said. “But the thing is, I’m also very passionate about dogs.”


Ever since she was a toddler, Reileigh’s love for dogs was evident. By the time she was in grade school she knew every dog breed and their traits, as listed in the Canadian Kennel Club. A lot of her reading material consisted of dog books, whether they be novels, dog training or illustrated guides to different canine breeds from across the world.

“I actually hoped to take a Vet Tech course but they didn’t offer one in London, so when I realized that I wanted to work with dogs, I researched all careers and decided on grooming,” she added.


Meanwhile, Don had worked in the media business for the past 27 years and was the former editor of the St. Thomas Times-Journal, The Londoner, Strathroy Age Dispatch and the West Elgin Chronicle.

However, he realized that it was time for a change and that his tenure in the newspaper business was coming to an end. “I sat at a desk all day for most of my working career and I just wanted something completely different,” he said. “When Reileigh said she wanted to be a dog groomer, I did some research. I thought that in a few years when I retired I would do something part-time and dogs were very much in the picture. I was thinking maybe dog walking or something like that, but grooming didn’t come to mind.”


Reileigh showed him information about DogPort Academy in Woodstock and how she wanted to take the college-certified course, he said, “Why not?” “We drove to Woodstock in a snowstorm and talked with the owner/instructor John Hendy and we were both impressed with the class size and the fact that the course was registered as a private career college,” he said.

Reileigh and Don are the only father-daughter grooming team to have ever gone through the course at Dog Port Academy and the Biggs’s decided that upon graduation they would open up their own business together.


“I was really surprised at how much I loved grooming dogs and how much I had learned,” said Don. “Every day is different, as is every dog, but the best thing is I’m not sitting at a desk every day. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner.”

“I absolutely love it,” said Reileigh. “This is what I was meant to do and I look forward to working with my dad for years to come, along with serving the London community.” Biggzy’s Bark n Bubbles focuses on quality dog grooming not quantity. The business uses top of the line equipment in a welcoming and warm environment for dogs.

Your Dogs are in the very best of hands

“Dog owners can rest assured that we will give their pets professional grooms each and every time,” said Reileigh. “Dogs are more than pets, they are family members. Dogs always feel better after a good groom, and that’s why we started up our business…we do it for the love of dogs.”

Biggzy’s Bark n Bubbles caters to all sizes of dogs from the smallest to the largest of breeds. They offer full-serviced spa packages from a complete groom and bath, to nail trimming and puppy baths all at very competitive prices.